CE FDA Approved KN95 Safety Mask

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KN95 Protective Mask

Material: Melt blown filter material, non-woven fabric

  • Executive Standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009
  • Filtering Rate: ≥95% (0.075μm Particles)
  • Protection Class: KN95
  • Color: White


  • High-quality material, safe, soft and comfortable
  • 95% dust removal
  • 3D Ear Hanging and Lightweight Design
  • Folding thin section, lightweight and easy to use

CE FDA Approved KN95 Safety Mask

Buy Quality KN95 Safety Mask At Affordable Price

Worrying about the current situation but can’t resist going out for routine work? We provide KN95 safety mask supplies to consumers across the world. Our safety masks are designed according to your needs. With a comfortable design and convenient handling, our masks are best for critical medical and environmental situations.

KN95-supply is a premium safety masks supply online store, which deals in quality masks effective in most critical situations. Many hospitals and institutions are struggling to buy KN95 masks for their medical staff to protect themselves against germs and air pollutants. We aim to supply cheap KN95 safety masks to worldwide hospitals and institutions to help in the pandemic. If you are also looking for the best KN95 safety masks, then feel free to contact us for immediate delivery.

Shop Cheap KN95 Safety Masks From Us

Doctors and nurses require KN95 safety masks for personal protection and well-being. You should not compromise on your health and safety because we bring to you first-class quality KN95 safety masks that are pure and effective in medical conditions.

We have supplied the bulk of safety masks to hospitals, offices, public organizations, and for personal use across the world. You can also trust our products and keep yourself protected from ongoing medical challenges. Our FDA approved safety masks are developed under basic standards so that you can use the products, which are effective and preventive. Consult our experts right now to buy KN95 safety masks at wholesale prices.

Wear KN95 Safety Mask For Personal Protection Against COVID19

Did you know that the KN95 safety mask prevents COVID19 and other air pollutants? KN95-supply.com stocks imported face masks so that you can protect yourself from being caught by COVID19. We aim to deliver quality medical products to our customers, and our face masks are supplied across the globe according to the current needs. Let us fight against coronavirus together by wearing our KN95 safety masks designed under FDA approved standards for you. Inquire about our wholesale supplies and get your medical protective equipment delivered at your doorstep now!

CE FDA Approved KN95 Safety Mask For Everyone

Medical staff and large organizations trust us and buy the KN95 safety mask in large quantities. We ensure protection, quality, and comfort to achieve significant consumer and health-related goals. Our face masks have the following specifications, which are preferred and recommended by global health specialists:


Quality filters in the mask, which enable individuals to inhale and exhale easily. The filters restrict harmful air pollutants to enter the mask while keeping the respiratory process clean and protective


Non-woven fabric that keeps the mask germs-free. It has melt brown filters for convenient and safe breathing

Protection Class

Our safety mask has KN95 features preferred to protect against COVID19

Color And Design

The mask comes in white color with a simple and high-quality design. It has easy-to-wear ear straps for holding the mask comfortably on the face. KN95 safety mask is lightweight and easy to wear


We supply FDA approved KN95 safety mask at wholesale price manufactured under healthcare standards

Fast Delivery

KN95-supply.com sells quality safety masks at your doorstep in less time


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